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Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get onychomycosis (nail fungus)?

Fungi, yeast, mold, and bacteria thrive and grow in warm, moist, anaerobic environments like closed toe shoes. The most common fungi in human nail infections, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Candida albicans, can live in layers of dead skin surrounding the nail (Athlete's Foot), underneath the nail in the nailbed, or in the tissue of the nail itself. Any type of damage to the nail allows an access point for fungi to take up residence on the nailbed and multiply; however, several factors such as diabetes, psoriasis, a weakened immune system, poor general health, and smoking increase the risk of developing onychomycosis. Fungi can be spread from one individual to another through sharing shoes, a shower, bed linens, and clipping or filing instruments that have been contaminated with fungus. Nail shops performing pedicures are especially notorious for spreading fungus, as fungi can even manage to live in the bristles of the nail polish brush.

What are some common signs and symptoms of a fungal nail infection?

Thickened, discolored nail that may dissociate from the nailbed
Yellow, brown, white, or generally discolored portions of the nail
Nails may be broken, brittle, or soft
Nails of abnormal shape or growth
Tenderness of the toe and pain when wearing certain shoes or performing routine functions
Pungent or very strong foot odor

Will the infected nail become instantly clear and fungal free after laser treatment?

Yes and no. The fungus residing in the nail will be dead, but the nail has to grow out in order for the appearance to improve. Beautiful Laser Nails takes pictures to document growth and improvement at every treatment.

What will my initial appointment entail?

If you have not previously been diagnosed with nail fungus, the doctor will perform an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for laser treatment. Once diagnoses of a fungal or bacterial infection has been given, the certified laser technician will explain the process, take pictures, trim the nail, go over detailed post care, and perform the laser procedure all in a thirty minute appointment.

Is the procedure painful?

Most patients feel no pain and only a slight warming or pin prick sensation. If need be, the technicians with Beautiful Laser Nails will change the wavelength of light to 532nm to perform a more aggressive treatment. When using the 532 wavelength, patients tend to feel more heat.

Is there any recovery period after laser treatment?

No. Patients are free to go home, to work, or to play and resume normal activity immediately following the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

All ten nails can generally be treated in 30 minutes, and patients with only one or two infected nails take significantly less time.

How do I pay for the procedure and is it covered by insurance?

Credit card, debit card, cash, or personal check is accepted as payment, but at this time, no insurance policy covers the laser treatment as it is considered cosmetic.

Do I have to pay to treat all 10 toes if only 1 toe is infected?

No, unlike some clinics that have a flat rate and treat all ten nails, Beautiful Laser Nails has staggered prices depending on the number of nails being treated, and don't forget, one upfront payment includes 3 laser treatments.

Can the fungus come back?

Since fungus is everywhere in the environment, there is a chance of reinfection; however, you will be provided with detailed post care instructions by your certified laser tech to reduce the chance of having fungus return.

When is it safe to paint my nails after the laser procedure?

Beautiful Laser Nails offers an anti-fungal nail polish that can be applied directly after treatment; however, it is recommended to only wear polish a few days at a time before removing it. This allows the nails to "breath" and reduces the risk of reinfection.

Is the Light Age Q-Clear laser FDA approved?

Yes, the Light Age has been used to eradicate nail fungus for over 5 years.

What do I need to do prior to my laser treatment?

Pre laser procedure instructions will be emailed to you prior to your scheduled treatment date.