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Do your toenails appear yellow, brittle, or unnaturally thick?

If so, you may suffer from a fungal infection called onychomycosis. While extremely common, onychomycosis causes the nails of the toe or finger to take on an unsightly appearance and can lead to a lack of confidence when going barefoot or wearing sandals.

In the past, this fungal infection was treated with ineffective topical medications, painful nail removal procedures, or prescription medications that have serious side effects, may lead to liver toxicity, cannot be taken alongside common medications, and require multiple blood tests throughout the course of treatment. BEAUTIFUL LASER NAILS uses the FDA cleared Light Age, Q-Clear laser to quickly, safely, and painlessly rid clients of nail fungus. With a documented 85% success rate, detailed pre and post procedure protocols, multiple locations, the latest and best technology, and laser techs with years of experience treating toenail fungus every day, all day, BEAUTIFUL LASER NAILS offers by far the most effective and convenient solution to ending your embarrassing onychomycosis issues for good.