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About The Procedure

Though the Q-clear laser by Light Age can effectively rid most nails of fungus in one treatment, BEAUTIFUL LASER NAILS' protocol is to provide three laser sessions, which are spread out every 2-4 months so that growth can be observed, for one upfront price; thus ensuring the most thorough and effective treatment possible, providing valuable follow up attentions, and separating Beautiful Laser Nails from other clinics who simply take your money, perform one laser session, and send you on your way without any follow-up. Upon arriving for your initial laser treatment, photos will be taken for future comparison, the infected nails will be thinned with a Dremel and sterile bit, and post treatment protocol will be gone over in detail. Then, with protective eye gear in place, the certified technician will make a number of passes over the nail, the skin on the front and sides of the nail, and behind the cuticle in order to provide treatment to the nail matrix, which is the group of cells that create new nail. The Q-clear sends pulses light with a mid-infrared wavelength that penetrates the nail to eliminate the destructive fungus, and while the beam targets and overheats the fungal spores, the patient feels only a mild warming sensation since only a small amount of heat is transferred to the surrounding tissue. In most cases, all ten toes can be treated in a 30 min, which allows patients to get on with the rest of their day since there is absolutely no down time needed after a laser session.



Do you suffer from Heel Pain or debilitating Achilles Tendonitis?
BEAUTIFUL LASER NAILS is proud to offer Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for patients suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. Originally, this type of lithotripsy was used to break up kidney stones; however, scientists and podiatrists discovered the proven benefits of treating fasciitis and tendonitis patients who failed to respond to conventional methods. The acoustic sound waves from the shockwave machine make microscopic tears and loosen the tendon at the site, establish a fresh blood supply, nutrients, and new tissue cells in the affected area, and make your body recognize the inflammation as an acute injury as opposed to a chronic injury. In essence, this procedure promotes the natural healing process of an injury. BEAUTIFUL LASER NAILS uses the high energy Dornier shockwave machine with ultrasound guidance to deliver each shock in the precisely correct location and performs the treatment in the comfort and convenience of your podiatrist's office in as little as 30 minutes. This non-invasive procedure is a fantastic alternative to surgery and allows patients zero recovery time, the ability to return to work the same day, and a success rate that matches any surgical option.