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Dangers of Nail Fungus if Untreated

Most of us know someone who is currently or has in the past suffered from nail fungus and have taken notice of the aesthetic abnormalities that are a result of an infection. The thick, yellow, disfigured nails are easy to recognize, but did you know that nail fungus is very often associated with or responsible for more serious issues? When the nails become thickened, foot or toe pain is very common. Some individuals find it hard to cut the nails, unbearable to wear certain closed toed shoes, and pulling socks or sheets over the nails excruciating. Obviously, the quickest and most permanent way to ease this pain is to clear the nails of the fungal infection causing the abnormal growth. Another unfortunate effect of onychomycosis is the odor. Not every individual's feet smell like roses, but when the fungi get under the nail and embed in the nail bed, the resulting odor that tends to emanate from the foot or toes is affronting. However, the greatest danger of nail fungus comes in the likelihood of infecting family members or loved ones. Fungi constantly shed from an infected nail and can live in many environments such as socks, shoes, bed linens or sheets, towels, and the shower, and once present, the fungi can and in all likelihood will, come into contact with a previously uninfected individual.