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Advantages of Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

- The procedure does not require any costly anesthetic, and patients feel only a slight warming or pin-prick sensation.

- The Q-clear laser is FDA approved, provides the latest technology and proven results, and has multiple wavelength capabilities to destroy fungus and bacteria.

- One up-front payment covers you for 3 laser sessions. Unlike some clinics, Beautiful Laser Nails does not simply perform one treatment and send you on your way. Even though the Q-clear laser generally eliminates fungus in one treatment, the Beautiful Laser Nail protocol entails 3 laser treatments to ensure patient satisfaction.

- Everyone, with the exception of pregnant females, is a candidate for laser therapy. Regardless of your age, what medications you take, whether or not you are diabetic, or if other treatment options have failed, Beautiful Laser Nails treatment can be safe and effective.

- Staggered pricing depending on the number of nails infected ensures you only pay for what you need.

- Treatments are performed by certified technicians who laser away toenail fungus all day, every day.

- Top of the line anti-fungal products are offered to ensure reinfection does not occur.